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Not all places in the UK are made equal when it comes to a holiday or weekend break. You can spend on hotels, activities, and dining out in some towns and locations, and drinking can also be costly. We’ve put up a list of the finest cheap places and locations to visit in the UK to help you stay within your budget. Each place is interesting in and of itself; it’s only a bonus that your money will go a long way.
Stay in a luxury hotel for the cost of a 2/3 star somewhere else or indulge in a nice meal without spending a fortune. Our cheap places to visit in the UK list includes a good combination of cities, beach areas and nature destinations.



Newcastle is one of the few large UK cities with a diverse range of attractions and a lively nightlife. Aside from the cost, it’s a destination that everybody can enjoy; it’s also one of the cheapest places to visit in the UK! Even on weekends, most hotels are less than £100 a night. It also features budget-friendly lodging options. Explore the city’s landmarks, take a long walk or ride your bike along the Quayside’s ancient bridges, or browse the shops, pubs, and restaurants. Newcastle is one of the cheapest cities in the UK in terms of hotel, activity, and eating/drinking out expenditures. It’ll keep you busy all weekend.


Liverpool is a must-visit city that is a near contender to Newcastle in terms of price, as well as having a terrific nightlife and much to see and do. It has produced celebrities such as the Beatles, has a rich history, and some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet. On weekends, hotels can be a little pricey. Nonetheless, there are still lots of budget-friendly options, so you’ll be able to stay, dine, and drink comfortably. The Titanic Museum, Royal Albert Docks, and a walking tour of the city’s historic sculptures and streets are among the must-see attractions in Liverpool. If time allows, we recommend you buying tickets to a Liverpool football match at Anfield stadium.


North-wales ssbhv

Due to its remote location, this beautiful and peaceful part of the country receives significantly fewer visitors than other parts. It may take a long time to get here, depending on where you live, and the twisting country roads make it difficult. Nonetheless, a week in North Wales is strongly recommended! With its fairy-tale-like presence, the ancient castles of Caernarfon, Harlech, and Conwy will drag your attention from the outlook. Then there are lovely tiny seaside towns like Porthmadog to visit, as well as a plethora of valleys, waterfalls, and streams to discover. Snowdonia National Park is a must-see for adventure-seekers on vacation. On a challenging hike, reach the summit of Mount Snowdon, Wales’ tallest mountain.



Swansea, 40 miles west of Cardiff, is another large Welsh metropolis. It is located on the coast and is encircled by stunning beaches and scenery. Many people prefer to remain in the city overnight to take advantage of the busy restaurant and nightlife scene, as well as to use it as a base to explore the city during the day. Take a walk along the beautiful promenade along Swansea Bay, visit a museum, or take the bus to the beach just outside of town. Swansea is an off-the-beaten-path UK city break option that’s quite reasonable to explore, with hotels aplenty; stay in a 4-star boutique for less than £70 per night! If you want to see South-West Wales, we recommend taking the train right into Swansea city center or driving into town.


Cardiff ssbhv

Cardiff, as the capital of Wales, isn’t the cheapest place in the UK to visit. It is, however. As you arrive in the busy capital city, you will be greeted by friendly residents, a vibrant nightlife, and some stunning sites both inside and outside the city. Cardiff is a little city for a major city, but it has plenty to keep you amused for a weekend, and you can walk to all of the major sites. Spend your days exploring Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Bay’s boats. Evenings could include a wonderful inexpensive meal, a trip to the theatre, or a tour of the lively bar scene. In comparison to other major UK cities, food, beverages, and attractions are all inexpensive.


SCARBOROUGH-AND-WHITBY-YORKSHIRE- cheap places to visit in uk

Scarborough and Whitby, two charming seaside towns in the United Kingdom, are ideal for a low-cost summer vacation. Whitby has been considered one of England’s most attractive towns, because to its rows of colorful boats and breathtaking cliffside scenery. Scarborough, on the other hand, is a classic seaside resort with a promenade, extensive beach, and amusement arcades. Relaxing on the beach with your family, dining on the promenade, or visiting the adjacent Flamingo Land theme park are just a few of the top things to do here. Whitby is ideal for couples and Scarborough is ideal for families, but both towns are definitely worth visiting.


The-Lake-district ssbhv- cheap places to visit in uk

The Lake District is a strong choice if you’re looking for a peaceful nature vacation on a budget in the United Kingdom. Indeed, you’ll be at one of the best places in the country for nature excursions, beautiful lakes, and amazing landscapes! Spend a romantic weekend with your lover, snuggling up in a wooden hut with a hot tub and taking long walks among the lakes. Take your family on a memorable adventure with kayaking, biking, and white-water rafting, for example. The Lake District has a lot to offer, and because it’s so large, there are plenty of reasonable lodging options. Simply keep an open mind about the region you’ll be visiting, as certain areas are more dangerous than others.


The-scottish-highlands ssbhv- cheap places to visit in the UK

Travel far north to the tremendous Scottish Highlands for breathtaking views of the landscape. The rain and wing may be brutal in the autumn and winter period, but they come with some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see. Get up early for a trek in the morning to catch a glimpse of the eerie mist dispersing on the horizon. Mysterious lakes, massive mountain ranges, and little Scottish villages all contribute to the creation of an enchanted land away from the great metropolis. The Scottish Highlands are a nature lover’s dream, where you may take a long drive through the surrounding or go on a long hike. A journey to the Highlands is made even more affordable thanks to boutique B&Bs and individual cottage rentals.